Wednesday, May 25, 2016

VIP Ambassador Search | Northern IL Premier Boudoir Photographer

Kerri Collins Boudoirs 

VIP Ambassador Search

 What does being a Kerri Collins Boudoirs Ambassador mean? 
  • You will be one of the faces of KCB. 
  • You will have your own boudoir session with me. 

What types of Ambassadors are we looking for? 
  • Your most important job as an Ambassador is to be KCB's biggest cheerleader! 
  • You must be between 20 and 70.
  • I am looking for 3 Ambassadors: 1 woman getting married in 2016, 1 woman who is a mom and married, 1 woman aged 20-70.  
  • You will be comfortable with your body to pose in lingerie for me. 
  • You will allow me to use ANY and ALL of your images on all social media forums. 
  • You will have AMAZING social media skills because the more you show off your beautiful KCB images, the more you put KCB in the spotlight!

What will a KCB Brand Ambassador receive? 
  • One Kerri Collins Boudoirs session, including hair and makeup. (Valued at $175)
  • For every client referral you send to KCB that books a session, you will receive a credit of $50-150 towards your album of choice. Credits can be accrued. 
  • You MUST be happy to have your images used for marketing purposes, sign a model release and Ambassador contract which will outline all the terms and conditions along with the rewards. 

Kerri Collins Boudoirs is looking for that special someone that truly feels that experiencing a boudoir session is something every woman should do.
If you think that sounds like you, then you might be the right person.
How to Enter to become my Ambassador? 

  1. Add as many friends as you can who live within driving distance of the studio, to the Kerri Collins Boudoirs VIP Private Facebook group. The more friends you add, the more points you earn to become my Ambassador. You must tell you friend to say HI in order for you to receive the credit. 
  2. Add me on Instagram and refer your friends to my Instagram account. Kerri_Collins_Photography. Be sure to say HI! *Bonus if you post a photo of KCB or a selfie with the KCB logo and tag me. 
  3. Email me at with why you should be chosen to be my Ambassador and a photo of yourself (can be a selfie).

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Northern IL Premier Boudoir Studio| Bridal Boudoir

Hannah contacted me because she is getting married this summer and wants to give her fiancee' a gift that he will never forget. This bride-to-be chose to give him beautiful, sexy photos of herself. When Hannah came in for her session she met with Lindsey for her professional hair and makeup session. When she was finished with hair and make-up she looked gorgeous! It was time to pick out her outfits. We went through the lingerie, jewelry and shoes that she brought and chose the outfits that she would feel most comfortable and look best in. Once the outfits were chosen she changed and we started the session.

Her red heels are to die for! 

Her eyes are gorgeous. 

Isn't she gorgeous? She's so beautiful!

Bridal boudoir is so much fun because I get to take gorgeous, sexy photos of the bride-to-be then design a beautiful album that she will give to her fiancee' just minutes before she walks down the aisle. Can you imagine his surprise? 

Give your fiancee' gorgeous, sexy photos of YOU! 

Schedule your bridal boudoir session with Kerri Collins Boudoirs and give gorgeous, sexy photos of yourself to your fiancee' on your wedding day! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love Your Curves | Beautiful "M"

Michelle responded to my call for models. When asked why she wanted to be a model her response was that she wanted to show all women that "no matter what size you are, you are beautiful and sexy". She was right! She is beautiful (inside and out) and sexy. 

{Kerri Collins Boudoirs}
{Northern Illinois Boudoir Photography}

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kerri Collins Boudoirs | Why Do A Boudoir Session?

"As a woman and a domestic abuse survivor I have always struggled with my self esteem.

For so so many years I was told I that I was not beautiful and that I was worthless and that 

my life didn't matter. I had been through so much physically and mentally that I didn't know

if I would ever be able to see myself as beautiful. When I saw the model call that Kerri 

Collins Boudoirs was offering I felt that it would be an opportunity for me to see 

myself as the beautiful woman that I have worked so hard to find again. For the couple of 

hours I was with Kerri, I felt amazing...empowered...beautiful and flawless. All the scars 

outside and inside were forgotten. Kerri listened to my story and made feel comfortable and

sexy and alive. She made me feel like that woman I had lost so long ago....and in the end I 

saw how beautiful I was and most love myself for who I am. Thank you

Kerri....your gifts and talents have given me so much and I can't thank you enough."

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Northern IL Boudoir Studio | Sultry "S"

Miss "S" responded to a model call that was posted on FB page. Miss "S" rocked her session with her gorgeous curves. Her self confidence is an inspiration to ALL curvy women. 

Contact Kerri today to schedule your self confidence building session at Kerri Collins Boudoirs. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Genoa IL Premier Boudoir Studio | Sexy "K"

Miss K has an amazing tushie! 

Beautiful and sexy tattoos on Miss K. 

Miss "K" responded to a model call and she killed her session. She has sexy tattoos and amazing lingerie. 

If you're looking for a sexy boudoir session in Kerri Collins Boudoir's Northern IL studio, contact Kerri for an appointment.