Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Do A Boudoir Session?

"As a woman and a domestic abuse survivor I have always struggled with my self esteem.

For so so many years I was told I that I was not beautiful and that I was worthless and that 

my life didn't matter. I had been through so much physically and mentally that I didn't know

if I would ever be able to see myself as beautiful. When I saw the model call that Kerri 

Collins Boudoirs was offering I felt that it would be an opportunity for me to see 

myself as the beautiful woman that I have worked so hard to find again. For the couple of 

hours I was with Kerri, I felt amazing...empowered...beautiful and flawless. All the scars 

outside and inside were forgotten. Kerri listened to my story and made feel comfortable and

sexy and alive. She made me feel like that woman I had lost so long ago....and in the end I 

saw how beautiful I was and most love myself for who I am. Thank you

Kerri....your gifts and talents have given me so much and I can't thank you enough."